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This page displays all of the reCAPTCHA challenges that have been submitted to the archive. While all visitors are able to browse the basic metadata for all submissions, viewing screenshots for some submissions are restricted to approved users. Additionally, you must be an administrator user to edit or delete submissions through this page.

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Timestamp Website Name Actions
2022-09-02 23:20:24 UTC NPR News View Edit
2022-09-02 21:21:50 UTC Google Form View Edit
2022-08-27 19:30:20 UTC Wisconsin DOT License Plate Renewal View Edit
2022-08-26 18:25:25 UTC ICANN Registration data lookup tool View Edit
2022-08-22 21:45:57 UTC Calendly View Edit
2022-08-22 02:58:25 UTC UW Credit Union View Edit
2022-08-20 13:54:33 UTC Esurance View Edit
2022-08-20 13:43:02 UTC Kryptonite Anti-Theft Protection Offer View Edit
2022-08-15 18:35:31 UTC Ruffin' It Resort View Edit
2022-08-14 22:54:30 UTC MongoDB Atlas View Edit
2022-08-12 02:55:16 UTC ProPublica View Edit
2022-08-08 00:18:24 UTC reCAPTCHA demo Invisible View Edit
2022-08-08 00:17:47 UTC reCAPTCHA demo "I'm not a robot" checkbox View Edit
2022-08-07 21:50:19 UTC Sample Form View Edit
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