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ID: 571d1fa9-23c6-4b2c-aa7a-8957fb11298f

Status: Accepted Submission and File

Timestamp: 2023-02-13 17:10:22 UTC

Original filename: Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 11.09.39 AM.png

New filename: 571d1fa9-23c6-4b2c-aa7a-8957fb11298f.png

Privacy: false

Website name: Polygon

Website url:

Website type: news

Website type other:

Visible: true

Challenge time: 0

Challenge attempts: 0

Accept terms: true

Challenge description: There's a small message below their newsletter signup

Additional description: It's unclear if this only applies when you click to submit an email address, or if the page is always watching.